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This page lists all of the winners of Dundee's annually presented prizes since their inception. Presentations are made at the end of each season at the annual Players' Dinner and as you'll see there are some notable names on each list and a few surprises especially on the Laurie-McHugh Kicking Cup.

Player of the Year Most Improved Player Players' Player of the Year 2nd XV Player of the Year 3rd XV Player of the Year
2013 Iain Wilson 2013 Rab Pullar 2013 Iain Wilson 2013 Hamish Livingstone 2013 na
2012 Simon Forrest 2012 Richie McIver 2012 Simon Forrest 2012 Rory Taylor 2012 na
2011 James Fleming 2011 Darrel Russell 2011 Harry Duthie 2011 Glenn Scott 2011 na
2010 Alan Brown 2010 Robin Cessford 2010 James Fleming 2010 Jamie Morrison 2010 Jamie Moffatt
2009 Danny Levison 2009 Malinda Padmasiri 2009 Aubrey Horton 2009 David Sutherland  
2008 Richie Hawkins 2008 Stephan Dreyer 2008 Richie Hawkins 2008 Mike Brown  
2007 Neil McComb 2007 Allan Hay 2007 Graham Thomson 2007 Andy Kennedy  
2006 Neil McComb 2006 Dave Parkhill 2006 Graham Thomson 2006 Andy Kennedy  
2005 George Oommen 2005 Mark Jenkinson 2005 George Oommen      
2004 Colin Whittaker 2004 Ross Lemon 2004 Lindsey Graham      
2003 JJ van der Esch 2003 Chris Cumming 2003 Shannon Wilson      
2002 George Smith 2002 Richie Hawkins          
2001 Niall Gallagher 2001 Colin Whittaker          
2000 Ian Hope 2000 Kevin Rosbottom          
1999 Chris Milne 1999 Keith Swan          
1998 Shaun Longstaff 1998 Andy Kennedy          
1997 Gavin Scott 1997 Paul Gowdy          
1996 Derek Milne 1996 Jon Petrie          
1995 Stewart Campbell 1995 Gav Scott          
1994 Colin Allan 1994 Alan Featherstone          
1993 Stewart Campbell 1993 E. Parker          
1992 Andy Nicol 1992 P. Wallace          
1991 Andy Nicol 1991 I. Wright          
    1990 S. Graham          
    1988 S. Ross          
    1987 W. A. Keys          
    1986 D. McNaughton          
    1985 J. Hutchison          
    1984 A. Law          
    1983 A. Lindsay          
    1982 H. Grant          
    1981 R. Easton          
    1980 G. Low          
    1979 T. Dymock          
    1978 G. Robertson          
    1977 S. Smith          

Colts Player of the Year Most Improved Colt
2009 Scott Smart 2009 Addison Weir

Kicking Cup Clubman of the Year Supporter of the Year
2013 C. Cumming 2013 Allan Thomson 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Steele
2012 J. Urquhart 2012 Dougie Gray 2012 Brian Helmore
2011 G. Scott 2011   2011 Grant Armstrong
2010 M. Smith 2010 G. Burnett 2010  
2009 A. Hay 2009 S. Jeffers 2009 Prof. & Mrs. Levison
2008 C. Ferguson 2008 M. Pacione 2008 Dr. & Mrs. Dreyer
2007 S. Jeffers 2007 D. McP. Nicol 2007 I. Graham
2006 C. Rankin 2006 J. Reavley 2006 B. and C. Keys
2005 C. Rankin 2005 J. Mussen    
2004 R. Milne 2004 N. Fenwick    
2003 C. Cumming 2003 S. Wilson    
2002 M. Humphreys 2002 D. Pacione    
2001 N. Gallagher 2001 G. Tosh    
2000 C. Milne 2000 M. Brown    
1999 C. Reekie 1999 D. Gray    
1998 - 1998 D. Pacione    
1997 K. G. Andrew 1997 I. Dickinson    
1996 J. Kydd 1996 R. J. Lunn    
1995 J. Kydd 1995 D. T. R. Lawson    
1994 J. Newton 1994 B. S. Key    
1993 C. Newton 1993 R. Easton    
1992 C. Newton 1992 T. Dymock    
1991 S. R. Jack 1991 D. A. Edwards    
1990 P. Rouse 1990 S. W. R. Wright    
1989 S. F. Fraser 1989 -    
1988 R. C. Allardyce 1988 A. McP. Nicol    
1987 A. McP. Nicol 1987 S. Graham    
1986 P. Rouse 1986 D. McP. Nicol    
1985 R. C. Allardyce 1985 S. Graham    
1984 A. McP. Nicol 1984 H. Nicoll    
1983 J. Walton 1983 J. C. Scott    
1982 A. Clark 1982 S. C. Cram    
1981 C. Graham 1981 H. S. Findlay    
1980 D. C. Ray 1980 G. G. Burnett    
1979 A. F. McDonald 1979 D. G. Maxwell    
1978 J. C. Scott 1978 A. H. Hutchison    
1977 D. T. R Lawson 1977 J. McCaffer    
1976 D. T. R Lawson        
1975 G. B. R. Garden        
1974 D. G. Leslie        
1973 D. Muckhart        
1972 A. H. Hutchison        
1971 I. M. MacLagan        
1970 G. W. Stiven        
1969 D. A. Comb        
1968 N. G. S. Stewart        
1967 R. D. Byer        
Player of the Year
Nominations are considered by the playing committee for the player who stood out over the season
Most Improved Player
Nominations are considered by the playing committee for the player who has made the most marked playing improvement over the season
Players' Player
The most influential player of the season as voted for by the players themselves
2nd XV Player of the Year
Nominations are considered by the 2nd XV coaches and players for the player who has stood out over the season
Kicking Cup
Competed for annually at the end of the season and renowned for its dark horses
Clubman of the Year
Presented to the club member considered to have made a remarkable contribution of time and effort on behalf of the club over the season
Carlsberg Supporter of the year
Awarded to the supporter of the club who is judged to have shown outstanding devotion and resiliance throughout the season

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